Association "Le Village" is an association created by representatives of the village of Ranohira with the support of the ITC Lodge and MomoTrek and friends Européens. With the evolution of tourism in the village, the tourists want to help or to donate to the villager. To give candies or toys, to the children, the clothes and the pens has those who we meet are not voucher solutions. On the contrary, it incites the begging especially by the children which abandons even the school to wait for the tourists. The objective of the Association is to structure the assistants and the donations; define and determine needs and to organize the realization of the projects (donations coming from individual, associations or governmental structures) and especially stay up the good management of these assistants and the sustainability.

Most of the assistants focus until now on healthcare, Education, Environmental protection and Social: clothes, mattresses, pots etc. for the victims of fire, toys and clothes for the sick children … Schoolbooks, school stationeries, materials sportsmen, clothes, toys, medical computer, uniform supplies and materials of offices, hardware, medicine and medical materials, ambulance, transports fireman, holding for the fight against fires of bush, equipments in water conveyance (with set up by toilet, washbasins and showers) and electric for the hospital with subsidy in solar boiler and booster … Individual, ASPS (Sports association of the Staffs of the Health) of France, Staff of a retirement home of Netherlands, Electricians without association Borders of France, Association of the Fire brigades of Béziers in France … The Association "LE VILLAGE" matters on the participation of all for to improve as much as possible the living conditions of the villagers.

"The participation of each, that he judges that it is small, is tall where there is nothing!"